Press release on the City intellectual contest “Leader-student of metropolitan education”

On November 29, 2018, the City Intellectual Competition “Leader is a student in metropolitan education” will be held at the Schoolchildren’s Palace to celebrate the Day of the First President.

The Day of the First President characterizes the most important stage of the state identity of the Kazakh people. This year is also notable for the fact that Astana celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The theme of the final tour is “Astana – the capital of the great steppe.”

For two decades, Astana has become a symbol of the country’s independence and the successful implementation of the initiatives of the Head of State, the center of socio-political and cultural life of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of this competition is the comprehensive development of the student’s personality, the improvement of intellectual, spiritual development, the education of patriotic feelings, love and respect for the native land, pride in its history and culture.

Competition Objectives:

– popularization of the image of “Kazakhstani – patriot”, respecting and appreciating the achievements and successes of his country;

– strengthening in the minds of young people a community of goals and aspirations for the future.

The core of the values of the modern young man is business, initiative, enterprise, the desire for innovation and the search for opportunities to realize their own creative potential.

The qualifying round of the intellectual competition was held on October 13 at the base of ShG No. 3. It was attended by 59 students in grades 10-11 of secondary schools. Based on the assessment of the qualifying stage, 12 participants of the final game were determined. These are schoolchildren who scored the most points, with high intellectual potential, who are able to solve logical and psychological problems, who are actively involved in public life.

Further information is available at «Astana daryny»: st. Dostyk, 13, RC “Nursaya-2” (2nd floor), office 225/2, tel. 20-26-83. Indira Tolegenkyzy 8-701-869-57-76