Press release of the City Competition of Children’s Creativity “INDEPENDENT KAZAKHSTAN IN THE EYES OF CHILDREN”, as part of the implementation of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru”

Astana, December 7, 2018 at 15:00 h. – in the foyer of the Children’s Art School – UNESCO Club, Astana, the grand opening of the exhibition of children’s art will be held following the results of the City Competition and Exhibition of Children’s Drawings of Young Artists “Independent Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Children”, as part of the national program “Rukhani zhagyru”.

The competition is organized by the Administration of Educatio of Astana and the Children’s Art School – UNESCO Club. The main idea is to create an atmosphere of joy and sunlight for all the children of Astana.

The aim of the competition is to introduce the younger generation to the visual arts, love for the family, their country, the development of children’s feelings of patriotism for the Motherland, the disclosure and support of young talents, familiarity with the history, culture of Kazakhstan and the sights of Astana.

The competition will feature works in various techniques of oil painting, watercolors, ink, colored pencils and crayons. Each of these techniques makes it possible in its own way to reveal the characteristics of the materials used.

The competition will feature works by students from 80 secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums in Astana

Coverage of participants – more than 500 students.

The works are evaluated by a competent jury from among the members of the arts, members of the Union of Artists.

According to the results of the competition, an exhibition of the best works of the winners will be formed.

Children’s Art School will continue to stimulate students’ interest in the study, preservation and development of national art crafts and crafts, and all types of art.

Organizing Committee Address:

Children’s art school in Astana.

17 Bogenbai Batyr Ave.


Orazbayeva Ainur

Tel .: 8 (7172) 31-42-53.8 701 999 74 43