‼️ATTENTION !! Important information for parents of preschool children.

📣📣📣The Administration of Education of Nur-Sultan city informs about a change in the operating mode of the information system for managing priority and enrollment in preschool organizations of the city.

Together with the authorized body, a large and lengthy legal work was carried out. The regulatory field is considered. The following changes to the operation of the information system and related legal documents were agreed and made:

📍1) the priority access period for newly vacated seats entering the queue was reduced from 3 business days to 1 calendar day. This will significantly accelerate the distribution of places in preschool organizations. Especially for private organizations with state order.
‼️Changes will enter into force from 09.10.2019.

📍2) for the period of work, children and grandchildren of employees of preschool organizations are granted the right to be admitted to preschool organizations on the orders of the head of the organization (based on the results of verification and coordination with the authorized body).

‼️For reference: in order to avoid questions, the information system will monitor the existence of family ties between employees and children and will publish all directions issued to such children in an open form. These directions can be found through the protocol of issued directions, where they are marked in a special way.

📍3) the system has been amended according to which children whose birth dates are not more than a month between them and they are from the same family will be credited to the information system according to the principle of “batch” registration. This is done for families with twin children (including triplets, etc.). Directions will be issued in the presence of the required number of free places in the preschool organization.

‼ ️Changes under this item shall enter into force on 10.16.2019.

📍4) many parents probably managed to notice a confirmation of interest in getting a seat before November 1, 2019. After this period, the queue will be adjusted taking into account the number of interested applications, so the system will be aimed only at interested users. The remaining inactive users are given another 1 month to confirm, after which (if the parents still do not show interest), these statements will be removed from the queue.

‼ ️Confirmation of interest button will be activated on 10.10.2019.