UAPF informs depositors about unknown scammers

«UAPF» JSC informs depositors that calls are received from unknown scammers and emails are sent containing a message about winning a prize from «UAPF» JSC and a proposal to confirm personal data, follow the link to a third-party resource and provide your bank details. Thus, an attempt is made to obtain unauthorized access to personal data of depositors.

«UAPF» JSC informs all its depositors that the Fund does not hold any prizes, does not collect personal data electronically and does not provide anyone with the right to conduct it on its behalf.

Dear investors! If you receive such an electronic message, phone call or SMS message, ignore and do not follow the links in emails in order to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. Be careful and discreet, never pass on personal information to strangers, especially if they are hiding behind the names of large companies. Do not trust those who promise prizes and winnings. Be careful, warn your family and friends. Request: to report all cases of such calls and letters to the call center of UAPF 1418.

UAPF” JSC is not responsible for the actions of unknown persons to conduct the above draws.