Gifted children got to know school secrets of Bakhyt Sultanov

Akim of the city Bakhyt Sultanov met with gifted children of the capital. Winners of international and republican Olympiads and competitions gathered at the Schoolchildren’s Palace, reports Elorda Info. At the end of the meeting the Akim was asked a few questions.

Before the conversation, Bakhyt Sultanov got acquainted with the projects of the students, who were highly appreciated at various competitions.

Students of 73 schools presented the project “Telepresence Robot RD-73” and showed the principle of its work.

“We created a project to help children studying at home. Using the remote control, the child can control the robot, enter the video chat and see his horizons. The student has the opportunity to virtually be at school. The uniqueness of the robot is that it is mobile and three times cheaper than its counterparts, ”said the guys.

After the akim of the capital, he answered questions of children and appreciated their intellectual and creative capabilities..

“It is gratifying that there are many gifted children in Nur Sultan. In all Olympiads, our metropolitan team takes first place. Also, students worthily show themselves in international arenas. Elbasy always, referring to youth, spoke about the value of knowledge. Go for it, strive for success, ”akim said in his welcoming speech.

Kuantai Amanzhol, a student at the Nur Orda Lyceum, is a winner of international biology Olympiads, a member of the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in biology, asked the akim about his main victory.

“I now have an important task – to provide all the conditions for creative youth. For me, it’s a great achievement to be in the center of a developing city, to meet with people, to solve various issues, ”said Bakhyt Sultanov.

Also, the Akim of the capital told the children about his school years. He remembered how he entered the republican physical education school and that during the exam he forgot the law of Archimedes. He couldn’t do that year, but he could do it the next. In addition, he shared the fact that the RFMSh provided in-depth knowledge not only in the exact sciences, but also in humanitarian subjects. Once a biology teacher put him a “mark 3“.

“I asked her why do we need biology? So I expressed my disagreement. And the teacher answered me that the students of the RFMSh should have excellent knowledge in all subjects, and not just in physics and mathematics. So I chopped into my nose what it means to be a graduate of the RFMSh , ”shared Bakhyt Sultanov.

It should be noted that a team of gifted children from the capital has been winning the title of “Best Olympic Team” at republican Olympiads and scientific competitions for 13 years in a row. So, in the 2018-2019 academic year, the students’ achievements was replenished with 412 medals, of which: 105 – gold, 130 – silver and 177 bronze medals.

Source: «Elorda Info»