The city of masters of specialties of technical and vocational education organizations “Nur-Sultan – the city of a bright future”

Date of carriageMay 29,  2019 

Time of carriage:10.00-16.00

Venue: Schoolchildren’s Palace (Mambetov str., 1)


On May 29, 2019, the City Department of Education Nur-Sultan in the Palace of Schoolchildren named after M. Utemisov will host a city master class entitled “Nur-Sultan – a city of a brighter future”, organized by educational institutions of technical and vocational education of the capital.

The event is held by college students to residents and guests of the capital, as well as school graduates as part of the provision of free services and advisory campaigns for choosing a future profession in areas of specialties such as service and maintenance, education, medicine, information technology, transport, communications, etc. An exhibition will be organized for the sale of products made by students.

Representatives of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the city of Nur-Sultan, the Employment Center of the Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan, representatives of associations of employers were invited to participate in the master class..

The workshop will provide services like:

Hairdressing workshop (daily hairstyle, hair beauty, types of braiding, classic haircut, haircut, etc.);

Sewing and dressing ornamenting (shortening trousers, installing locks, folding locks, shortening sleeves and cuffs, skirts and dresses, installing a lock on a windbreaker, replacing pockets, sewing national kurak-korpe, training in working with felt, etc.);

Food and culinary products (assistance in preparing the menu for any events (updating or improvement), training in working with caramel in the manufacture of confectionery products, presentation of ecological bakery products, training in modern table setting, etc.);

The provision of medical services (methods of providing primary medical care, examination of the oral cavity for preventive purposes, orthopedic and dental services, blood pressure measurement, medical consultation, etc.);

Computer equipment maintenance services (OS Windows installation / installation, reinstallation, updating drivers and connecting office equipment, data recovery, cleaning and formatting of the hard disk, cleaning the computer from dust (rendering technical services, Photoshop services in printing);

Repair of household appliances (repair of household appliances (dummies, irons, microwave ovens, hair dryers, etc.), installation of water meters, taps, filters when assembling water supply units, training on welding household pipes, demonstrating ways to use alternative energy sources for lighting, assembly and furniture repair, etc.);

Translation service (providing translation services, translating a business card from English into Russian, spelling the last name, first name, middle name and home address in Latin letters, providing office translation services, translating instructions for using cosmetics from English to Russian, etc.);

Types of events, celebrations and children’s parties (providing assistance in the implementation of original ideas, developing scenarios, making souvenirs and gift wraps, preparing various types of animation activities, advising parents on parenting, preparing children for school, assisting in preparing children’s parties, organization of games and educational activities);

Learning to play musical instruments (master classes on familiarization with musical notation and playing the instruments: good, button accordion, kobyz, cheesy, etc.);

Tourism (consulting on preparation for tourist trips, compilation or collection of tourist tents, backpacks, etc.);

Robot management training (demonstration of rescue and reconnaissance robots, teamwork, etc.);

Floristics (consultations on the care of gardens and parks, explanation and training on the features of planting flowers, etc.).

This master class is planned to inform graduates of educational institutions and the parent community about educational institutions of technical and vocational education in the capital, vocational guidance for students in choosing a profession, increasing the prestige of TVE specialties, as well as providing social assistance to citizens of the city.

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