Following the results of the first day of distribution, many questions arise that we would like to raise (‼ WE READ VERY CAREFULLY‼)

When queuing children of military personnel and employees of special bodies, the system cannot independently confirm the authenticity of documents, this is due to the fact that we do not have access to this database, the information is closed.

Therefore, we remind once again who falls into this category:

📍– military personnel serving on conscription, – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, called up for military service in the Armed Forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period determined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On military service and the status of military personnel” dated February 16, 2012 No. 561-IV LRK;

📍– employees of a special state body – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, serving in the national security organs, an authorized body in the field of foreign intelligence, in the State Security Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who are awarded a special rank (Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On special state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated 13 February 2012, No. 552-IV).

📍 Upon receiving a referral, we ask the parents to provide us with an up-to-date certificate from the place of work, which confirms that you belong to the category of an extraordinary right to obtain a place. After receiving the documents, an employee of the Department of Education confirms your direction, after that you can go through and enroll in a preschool organization.


Option #1.
You receive an SMS, which indicates that you need to confirm the privilege of the extraordinary right at the specified address (A. Mambetova St., 1), you are given 5 working days to do this. After the employees of the Department of Education have confirmed your document (certificate of employment), they mark it in the system and you receive an SMS, where they ask you to go with the documents to the preschool organization. To do this, you will also have 5 working days (the countdown goes from the moment the queue is confirmed).

!ATTENTION! On the certificate must be DATE (day, month and year of issue).

📍If your certificate has expired (validity is 10 calendar days), then an employee of the Department of Education may request an up-to-date certificate from the place of work.

Option #2.
If during the reconciliation conducted by a specialist of the Department of Education your benefit is not confirmed.

In this case, your application is returned to the general queue. You lose the priority of an extraordinary right and get a seat on a common basis.

The place that is selected is returned to the register of empty seats and will be available to other applicants in turn.

‼‼THIS MEASURE IS RELATED TO THAT the city began to identify cases of falsification of documents confirming the privilege. Reconciliation of all supporting documents is now being carried out; if violations are detected, the system will automatically cancel the exemption and return such applicants to the general waiting list.


As soon as you press it, the system will immediately remove you from the queue, you will need to get up again after that. This feature is only needed if you are moving or no longer need a preschool organization..

If you want to withdraw the direction and get a place in another kindergarten, you need to do the following:

Go to the MY DIRECTIONS section, there click the CANCEL DIRECTION button.

After that, you can re-receive a referral (if there are places) to another preschool organization.

If you do not have time to approach us within 5 days to confirm the benefits for objective reasons, then you have the opportunity to EXTEND the direction for 30 days.

!How to do it?

Go to your personal account on DAY 5 and click the EXTEND DIRECTION button (the button will appear only on the 5th day).

We began to notice that some applicants of an extraordinary preferential category receive one direction, then they re-enter the line and again receive the second direction. This is repeated several times.

Dear parents‼

We want to warn that we monitor such cases, in this regard we inform the following: each such case will be examined by us in detail with the involvement of authorized bodies.

We kindly ask you to remember that the places are published according to the schedule, which is ranked by year of birth and category of benefits. Therefore, you do not need to wait for the system to give you directions on the day of another year of birth.

We remind you that the distribution of places in preschool organizations (issuing directions for admission) is carried out when the child reaches 2 full years.

The distribution of places in preschool organizations is a year-round procedure. Therefore, it is not worth worrying that you will not have time and you will need to wait another year. In the system, updating according to the number of places takes place on an ongoing basis, immediately after places are vacated in a particular kindergarten.