Dear Parents! !ATTENTION!

An important announcement for everyone who belongs to an extraordinary preferential category.

‼ If you attached a document to confirm your privilege of an extraordinary right, but it does not comply with the requirements of the law, that is, in fact you are not a military serviceman or employee of special bodies, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR BENEFIT in your account‼

‼ Otherwise, the following scenario awaits you:

❌ You receive SMS, which indicates that you need to confirm the privilege of extraordinary right at the specified address (1 A.Mambetova St.).

❌ After that, you come to the schoolchildren’s palace to confirm the benefits by an employee of the Education Department (without this you will not be accepted in the kindergarten), the benefit is not confirmed and your direction is canceled, the application is returned to the general queue.

If you have not canceled your undue privilege in your personal account yourself, then an employee of the Education Department will do this anyway when reconciling your supporting documents for compliance. Until the employee of the Department of Education confirms your privilege in the system, the preschool organization will not see your direction, and accordingly will not be able to enroll you in kindergarten within 5 days provided. After this period, your direction will be automatically canceled and you will be taken to STOP LIST for 10 days, while having lost the chance to get a direction in a general queue while empty seats are issued.

❌ Then you lose the priority of extraordinary rights, the system will return you to the place without an exemption, according to your queuing date. After which you will be able to get directions on a common basis in order of priority.

‼In this regard, the CONSIDERABLE PLEASE cancel the privilege now, so as not to delay places for those who really have priority access‼

Once again, we remind you who is EXTRAORDINARY:
📍 military personnel serving on conscription are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, called up for military service in the Armed Forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period determined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On military service and the status of military personnel” dated February 16, 2012 No. 561-IV ZRK;

📍 employees of a special state body – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, serving in the national security organs, an authorized body in the field of foreign intelligence, in the State Security Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who were awarded a special rank (Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Special State Bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated February 13, 2012 No. 552.

‼ THIS MEASURE IS RELATED TO THE THAT that cases of falsification of documents confirming the benefits of privilege have begun to be revealed in the city.

When you come to confirmation of an extraordinary privilege in the palace of schoolchildren (A. Mambetova, 1), your certificate confirming the privilege must have a DATE (day, month and year of issue), SIGNATURE and SEAL from the relevant authorities.

📍 If your certificate has expired (validity is 10 calendar days), then an employee of the Department of Education may request an up-to-date certificate from the place of work.

📍After the employees of the Department of Education have confirmed your document (certificate of employment), they mark it in the system and you receive an SMS, where they ask you to go with the documents to the preschool organization. To do this, you will have 5 working days (the countdown starts from the moment the queue is confirmed).