Parade of children’s and youth musical orchestras and ensembles will be held in the capital

This incredible colorful and soulful event this year will bring together over 8,000 students from schools and colleges, pupils of music schools, art schools, Palaces of schoolchildren, KazNUI, the Republican School “Zhas Ulan”, the official website of the akimat of the city of Nur Sultan.

On June 1, 2019 at 10.00 on the main square of the country “Kazakh Eli” the largest and most striking procession will begin with the participation of young residents of the capital – the Parade of children’s and youth music orchestras and ensembles. The purpose of the parade is to support and develop the parade of street and festival processions of schoolchildren and students as a factor in aesthetic and patriotic education in the context of the implementation of the nationwide idea “Mangilik El”.

According to the organizers, the unique feature of the parade is that for the first time together with children in the columns there will be akims of districts, heads of educational organizations, representatives of the parental community “Council of the Fathers”. Every year this project, symbolically carried out on the International Children’s Day, is gaining popularity, as on this day children act as ambassadors of peace, friendship, mutual respect, and the power of music unites all young residents of the capital.

ІІІ Parade of children’s and youth musical orchestras and ensembles will become a bright musical holiday. Eight thousand children unanimously present a new song about the city of Nur Sultan. Pupils and students will pass in a single march in front of parents, teachers and guests of the capital.

During the procession, children from each district of the capital present different genres of music. So, the children of the Almaty region perform pop music, the Baikonur district will present Modern, the vibrant energy of development and innovation, the Saryarkinsky district with Folk music, returning us to the origins of our ancestors. Esilsky district – will present classics, as well as soundtracks from famous films and cartoons.