📍 We have completed primary picking in preschool organizations according to our schedule.

*Therefore, it is important to remember the following life hacks when selecting a preschool organization in the future*

📍 If you received a referral, but cannot go to the kindergarten or palace of schoolchildren (only for extraordinary people, confirm the certificate) within 5 working days, then before the 5th day, in the personal account, the Renew direction button will appear. * Starting July 18, directions will be confirmed on the basis of the Department of Education (Beibitshilik 11, room 119) *.
📍 New places for * 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 will be unloaded this week. There are not many of them, but they are *.

In order not to miss the news, we ask you to set up notifications in your Personal Accounts, in the “Settings” section, if there are free places in the desired garden, the system will send a notification in advance by mail, Attention! sometimes it ends up in a spam mailbox. New places can also be traced in the protocol of vacant seats. We remind you that all new places will be laid out in priority for 3 business days and then go into free access. That is, notifications will come first to those who have priority (the number of places is exactly proportional to the number of waiting lists, that is, if 3 new places appear, then the notification will go to the first 3 applicants in turn and only then if they remain the rest).

➡️More information:
📍 If you are in two or three people at the same time in several tabs or on the same login, the system blocks you and resets you. By opening one personal account with several tabs at the same time, you artificially increase your traffic. Do not forget also that at the entrance you will find a window where you will need to indicate that you are not a robot.
📍 Consultation centers on the basis of the Palaces of schoolchildren will be closed after July 17, then from July 18, if consultation is needed, you can go to any state garden during working hours, where experts will advise you.
📍 * EXCHANGE OF PLACES will be carried out after completion of the acquisition of groups in all kindergartens, managers must make sure that this is not fraud and the exchange is done by really interested parents.
📍 * The system will work year-round *, so if you didn’t get a seat now because you don’t want to go to the proposed gardens or if your age is not right, you will still have the opportunity.
We remind you that:
– * Private gardens * are available from 3 years old (issued to those who are 3 years old and who will be 3 years old by the end of the year).

– * mini-centers * are available for children born in 2014 and 2015, from 4 years old and those who are 4 years old by September 1 of this year.

– * regarding children in 2013 * – if the child is 6 years old on September 1, the system will not issue a referral.