Unified recommendations for compulsory school uniforms for secondary education organizations in the city of Nur Sultan


The school uniform provider Parents choose at their discretion. The main thing is that the purchased form must meet the requirements described below.

1. The color of the school uniform is dark blue (in the city of Nur Sultan)

2. The style of the school uniform is maintained in a classic style.

3. School uniforms for boys include:

jacket, vest, trousers, white dress shirt, casual white shirt, (in cold weather: knitted vest, white turtleneck). Pants for boys are free-cut, and ankles are closed in length. Recommended minimum: shirt, vest and pants.

4. School uniform for girls includes:

jacket, vest, skirt, trousers, classic white blouse, sundress (in cold weather: knitted vest, white turtleneck). Pants for girls of free cut, and ankles of legs are covered in length, the length of the skirt is office, not more than 5 cm from the knee.

5. The inclusion of elements of clothing of religious affiliation of various faiths in a school uniform is not allowed.

6. On the school uniform are placed decals (emblem, patch, etc.) of secondary education organizations. They are placed on top of a clothing or accessory (jacket, vest). The sketch of the emblem can be obtained at school or downloaded on the school website.

7. Requirements for a school uniform exclude the wearing of clothes and accessories with traumatic accessories.

8. Wool and cotton fabrics with improved properties, high wear resistance, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antistatic properties are used as school uniform fabrics; 75-85% of natural fabrics (cotton, wool and others) and 15-25% of synthetic impurities are recommended to make things not much crumpled.