📌According to the Model Rules for the Activities of Preschool Organizations (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 595 dated October 30, 2018), children are transferred from one age group to another from August 1 to August 31.

📌How can this affect you?
🔹During this period, new places cease to be published and the issuance of directions will be suspended.

Starting from Thursday (August 8, 2019) and ending with Sunday evening (August 11, 2019), the publication of the protocols will be temporarily suspended. ⠀

🔹Already published, but unclaimed places can be withdrawn from the queue by the preschool organization itself. Especially if there is a change in age periodization.

🔴 ATTENTION! Some kindergartens began to transfer children from one age group to another already on August 1, but they did not have time to transfer the children on time and these places mistakenly went into the protocol of vacant places. In this connection, the number of vacated seats in the protocol for some gardens may not be displayed correctly. These places will be recalled. Therefore, we inform that there will be discrepancies in the protocols.

🔹For the exchange of seats, we plan to start an exchange of seats from August 19. About this, that is, about the procedure itself, we will inform you in advance.

🔹In new places after the process of transferring children from one age group to another, we will resume the process of publishing new places in the system.