Up to 200 million tenge will be allocated by akimat to help children from low-income families within the framework of universal education

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the akimat of Nur-Sultan will allocate up to 200 million tenge for the purchase of school uniforms and stationery for about 7,000 children from low-income families. The head of the Education Department of the city of Nur-Sultan Anuar Zhangozin said this at a briefing on measures to support families in need within the framework of universal education, the official website of the capital akimat reports.   Akimat of the city together with the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs will present special certificates for the purchase of school supplies to each student from low-income families. In support of Kazakhstani products, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs proposed 7 domestic companies. “This year we are choosing a new mechanism. Previously, there were many complaints from the parents regarding the services provided. The new system is more effective, as parents themselves choose the accessories necessary for the child, ”said Anuar Zhangozin. In addition, the number of beneficiaries increased compared to last year. So, if in the last academic year, 1,674 children received assistance under the framework of the Universal Education Fund (by the end of the academic year, this figure increased to 3803), then this year the number of children has reached 6,600, and their number is growing daily. In addition to school uniforms and teaching aids, students are provided with free hot meals, a ticket to the summer health camp, and the opportunity to participate in cultural and sports events. In addition, in Nur Sultan, on the basis of the decision of the city maslikhat, in the form of additional assistance, a travel card is replenished.