Center for the development of giftedness and psychological support «Nur-Sultan Daryny»

The Center for the Development of Giftedness and Psychological Support Nur-Sultan Daryny is aimed at improving the structure and content of the system for identifying, developing and supporting gifted children in the city of Nur-Sultan.

The center is the organizer of intellectual and creative competitions for students of preschool institutions, elementary, middle and high school students of educational organizations, competitions and competitions for teachers, team competitions. Competitions are held at the city, republican, international levels.

The objectives of the competitions with the participation of teachers are to identify talented and highly professional teaching staff, their support and encouragement, improving the professional skills of teaching staff, updating the content of education, introducing and disseminating new teaching ideas, technologies in the educational process, the opportunity to share experiences.

The main goals and objectives of the Olympiads for students are the promotion of scientific knowledge and the development of students’ interest in scientific activities, the creation of the necessary conditions for identifying gifted children, the selection and preparation of students for participation in international competitions, raising the prestige of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Regional Scientific and Practical Center “Nur-Sultan Daryny”

010000, Nur-Sultan,

Dostyk str. 13, 2nd floor 225 office

Telephone numbers: 20-26-71, 20-26-83

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