Education Modernization Center

The goal of the Center for the Modernization of Education is to organize, coordinate the effectiveness of the methodological work of educational institutions of the city of Nur-Sultan through the introduction of new approaches.

Education Modernization Center:

works on creating conditions for the organization and implementation of state compulsory education standards of a new generation;

renders methodological assistance to teaching staff and teachers in the development of innovative educational technologies, improves experimental activities;

studies, disseminates and implements the best management and pedagogical experience identified during the implementation of update processes;

organizes advanced training of teachers in the city; conducts certification procedures for educational organizations and educators.

CSO «Education Modernization Center» of the akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan

010000, Nur-Sultan,

Imanov str, 11, 2 nd floor

telephone (fax) 87172 73 11 62