About Administration

The state institution “The Administration of Education of the city of Nur-Sultan” is the state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing leadership in the field of education in the city of Nur-Sultan.
Mission of the Administration: ensuring the constitutional right of citizens to quality education, access to educational services, meeting the needs of society in education and the state in qualified specialists.
The main tasks of the Administration include: implementing a unified state policy in the field of preschool, primary, basic secondary, general secondary, additional, technical and vocational, post-secondary education, taking into account regional, demographic and other features;
ensuring the effective functioning of the education system of the city of Nur-Sultan and its socio-economic protection in accordance with the changing conditions for the development of society;

creation of conditions for the development of quality education and the development of educational programs aimed at the formation, development and professional development of the individual on the basis of the principles of state policy in the field of education;
introduction and effective use of new teaching technologies, the formation of a unified educational information environment, access to international global communication networks;

ensuring the improvement of the social status of teachers;
implementation of a package of measures related to the realization of the rights of all categories of children in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.